Lantana, Mozelle

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  •  Use:
    • "Tough as nails" best describes perennial Lantana, blooming continuously from spring until fall frost. Mozelle has bright pink and yellow bi-color flowers and a smaller size than Miss Huff. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds like magnets, while the pungent foliage repels deer. Drought tolerance is another outstanding feature. 
  • Exposure/Soil:
    • Full sun to part shade, not fussy about soil but doesn’t like “wet feet”. Tough, hardy and easy to grow. 
  • Zones:
    • 7-9
  • Growth:
    • Grows to 2-3 ft high. Prune hard in early spring, as new growth begins to sprout. Perennial.








Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful plants, carefully packed!

I had a mail order nursery for years and know every way to pack for a plant to survive UPS, FedEX, and mail from playing football with the plant box. (not easy)
When I received Lantana Mozelles, I was amazed... perfectly and safely packed. Not a leaf out of place!

We planted them and within days they were vigorously growing and now, three weeks later are blooming.

I will be ordering more from Full Bloom Nursery. You guys know what you are doing and send gorgeous, quality plants.

Thank you so much!

Lynn (past owner of Rhapis Gardens greenhouse)

Very healthy plants!

The product arrived in excellent condition and I’m sure will grow quickly!