Mona Lavender Plectranthus

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Mona Lavender is a popular annual for shade and is fast becoming a favorite house plant. Sold in 4” plastic pot.

This shade-lover is an exciting cultivar of Plectranthus that’s perfectly suited to growing indoors. Few other plants bloom so dependably indoors, for so many months, and fewer still are as easy to grow as “Mona.”

If you love the color purple, this is the perfect plant for you! Unlike many other members of its genus, this lovely hybrid is primarily grown for its attractive lavender flowers, which will appear throughout a long bloom period. The undersides of the leaves are also a deep purple.

A spot that receives bright, indirect light is ideal for this shade lover.

Mona Lavender will grow best when provided with regular and even moisture. It’s considered a “thirsty” plant and should be watered every few days during the hot summer months. Transplant it into a bigger pot or add it to a shady flower bed for a pop of color.