House Plants- Peperomia obtusfolia (Baby Rubber Plant)

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Peperomia is an easy care bushy succulent plant that is native to the Caribbean. As a houseplant, it typically grows on thick erect stems to 12” tall with waxy, thick dark green leaves and small greenish-white flowers on spikes to 5” long. Flowers are interesting but not particularary showy. Also commonly called baby rubber plant, but is not related to the true rubber plant.

Genus name comes from the Greek words peperi meaning pepper and homoios meaning resembling. The plants resemble, and are closely related to, true black pepper (Piper nigrum).

Care- Because of its succulent, waxy leaves, Peperomia doesn't like a lot of water and doesn't need high humidity. The perfect houseplant! Medium light and well drained soil will keep it happy. Pinch stems back if you prefer to keep it bushy and small.

Peperomia obtusfolia is non-toxic, making it safe for small children and furry kids, too.