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Large leaves and crisp cool spearmint flavor make this spearmint variety the go to for the famous Kentucky Derby mint juleps. Refreshing spearmint is especially popular for use in cold and hot drinks, including mojitos, juleps and herbal teas. Repels pests, helping to protect other plants in the garden. 

Like other mints, spearmint plants are spreading perennials that, left unchecked, can quickly overtake a raised bed. The best way to grow any type of mint is to plant it in a pot (an 8" to 10" diameter plastic nursery pot works well) and then sink the pot into the soil in the raised bed, leaving the top 2" of pot exposed. This confines the roots and prevents them from spreading into the surrounding soil. Plant spearmint near the edge of your raised bed and the stems will cascade nicely over the edge. Note that you'll want to keep the plants' stems pruned to minimize soil contact, because they'll start to root wherever they touch the soil. Be sure to use these flavorful prunings!

Zones 5-10


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Plant arrived in great condition.

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In very good condition

The plants came in very good condition and well protected, especially against Postal workers not being gentle with packages. Bravo