Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’

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Sensational!  Lime green foliage is edged in a creamy yellow border that turns peachy-salmon in colder months. Vibrant green and yellow striped flower bracts produce prolific, radiant red blooms throughout the warmer months. Deer absolutely hate it! 

  • Use:
    • A fuss free beautiful choice for containers on a sunny patio (you won’t have to frequently water this one in summer) and a wonderful evergreen perennial for hot sunny flowerbeds. 
  • Exposure/Soil 
    • Full sun, needs good drainage. Tough and hardy, it can handle the driest, hottest summers without a care. 
  • Zones 
    • 6-11
  • Growth:
    • Grows to 2 ft high plus bloom stalk.