Christmas Cactus- Pink

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    • These members of the Cacti family can be found growing wild in rainforests of Brazil. In its native environment, it grows on rocks or in trees where hummingbirds pollinate the flowers. During the warm season, a screened porch, covered deck or pool enclosure usually gives plants the filtered sunlight and humidity they need.
    • Taxonomists seem to have been confused for decades over the proper classification. In 1953, Zygocactus became Schlumbergera truncata. The name Zygocactus may still be found on tags accompanying holiday cactus plants, even though that name is no longer valid.
    • Watering- Inside the house, plants often suffer from under-watering because their owners mistakenly assume the plant is a desert cactus. In a rainforest, they receive adequate moisture from the air. In the dry air of a heated or air-conditioned room, they need more frequent waterings than desert dwelling cactus and succulents do. Daily misting can help raise humidity around plants, but they need supplemental watering when the top few inches of soil becomes dry. Do not over-water and cause them to stay soggy.
    • Nice, full plants sold in 4" pot (photo is a representation of a mature plant). We recommend adding a heat pack to orders during winter months to protect from cold damage.