Calibrachoa Mini Famous Double Red

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    •  Mini Famous® Calibrachoa feature lovely double-petalled, prolific blossoms supported by lush, dark green foliage. The Mini Famous varieties of Calibrachoa stand up well to heat, wind and rain and offer a semi-trailing or cascading habit that looks gorgeous in containers, hanging baskets, or in mass plantings as a border or edging crop. The  vivid red double-flowered, self-cleaning flowers offer a pop of color. 
    • Among the easiest plants to grow, Million Bells are hugely popular, just ask any hummingbird. Their profuse, self-cleaning flowers arrive in spring and keep going until fall. Excellent for hanging baskets, mixed pots, and flower beds. Mix a rainbow of colors together or pick two opposite colors for contrast.
    • Provide plenty of sun and good garden soil. Fertilize with a slow release granular bloom booster such as Osmocote or Miracle Gro.