Birds Nest Fern 6” pot

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Bird’s Nest Fern gets its name from its leathery rippled leaves which emerge from a central rosette that looks like a fuzzy, brown funnel. When new fronds first appear, they resemble tiny bird eggs nestled in the center, hence the nickname Bird’s nest.

Sold fully rooted in 6” nursery pot, photos of mature plants are for example.

The fern’s fronds can be flat, wavy, or crinkly depending on the amount of light the fern receives—more light means more crinkled leaves. The Bird’s Nest Fern is native to rainforests in Asia, Africa, and Australia and is an epiphytic fern, which means it typically grows on tree trunks so in addition to being an excellent potted plant, you can affix it to planks or hang it on a wall as a piece of living art!

This plant thrives in low light areas, and its textured, green leaves will brighten those darker spots in your home or office. It also requires less humidity than other ferns and is a great option for a forgetful or busy plant owner.

Water 1-2 times a week. In order to avoid rot, be sure not to water directly into the rosette. Prefers high humidity but will tolerate drier air than other ferns. To keep your Bird’s Nest Fern happy, spritz with a water bottle every so often.

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