Bear’s Paw Succulent

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New Item! We added this cute guy to production because we just had to have him! Cotyledon tomentosa, also known as Bear’s Paw, is one of the most adorable succulents you will find. It has thick, fuzzy green leaves with prominent dark toothed edges that resemble the claws of a bear. With its velvety coating and unique leaf, Bear’s Paw will add a beautiful contrast and unique texture to your succulent collection.

Cotyledon is a genus of succulent plants in the family Crassulaceae. Mostly from Southern Africa, they also occur throughout the drier parts of Africa as far north as the Arabian peninsula. Surviving in all but full desert conditions, they cannot survive poor light or bad drainage. Usually found growing in rocky quartz fields where they have excellent drainage provided by very porous soil. It forms large orange bell-shaped flowers in spring.