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In 2003, Tim & Kellie Bowen decided it was time to open a retail nursery on their farm in northeast Georgia. They had made a career out of training horses and showing at the highest levels but they were ready for a change. Kellie has a background in horticulture and Tim grew up on a farm growing crops and milking dairy cows so a nursery was a natural progression. They wanted to grow the plants that they offered at the nursery so they began building greenhouses and production areas. The rest is history. With over 15,000 sq ft of greenhouses and four acres of outdoor production and retail space, the nursery is one of the largest in its region that is open to the public. An online store was the next natural step, as shoppers habits are changing. While the online store is new, their experience growing quality plants is not. The entire staff enjoys what they do and shares a passion for plants that they love to share with their customers. At Full Bloom Nursery, we are the home of Happy Plants.


Email: fullbloomnursery2003@gmail.com

Mailing Address: PO Box 320 Clermont, Ga 30527








It takes a village, that's for sure. Every step of the way in production & growing, quality is our goal. We only use the best soil and fertilizer and grow our crops with the end result of our customers enjoyment being top priority. And WHAT we choose to grow is of utmost importance. It's got to be well-known plants that aren't fussy or difficult to grow, plus all the latest most exciting plants coming down the pipeline from plant breeders.