Hardy Perennials

Here you will find hardy perennials for sun or shade, perennials that are deer-resistant, drought-tolerant or hummingbird magnets. Looking for a particular plant that you don't see listed? Contact us, we may have it. We are always growing!

When you do start planting a perennial bed, the most important element is the soil. Because perennials live for years, they need rich, organic soil that drains well in order to perform at their best. Many perennials will tolerate poor soil but this doesn’t mean they prefer it. 

A good design incorporates annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, and ornamental grasses together to provide year-round interest and structure. Experiment with different plants and remember a plant can be moved if it doesn’t look right in a perennial bed. For ideas on how to incorporate perennials into your landscape, visit our Landscape Design page

Make sure you choose plants appropriate for your zone. Check your hardiness zone here. 


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Ice Plant, Purple (Delosperma cooperi)

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Succulents- Ice Plant 'Fire Spinner'

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