Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight' (Buddleia davidii) 5" Pot

Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight' (Buddleia davidii) 5" Pot

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  • Use:
    • Loved by Butterflies & Hummingbirds! Plant several together for a mass display. An old favorite with deep, almost black, purple spikes. Blooms all summer and into fall.
  • Exposure/Soil:
    •  Fast growing and trouble free, plant in full sun to part shade. Not fussy about soil type. Prune back hard in early spring, blooms on new wood. 
  • Zones 
    • 6-9 
  • Growth:
    • Grows to an average of 8-10 ft high x 6-8 ft wide, should be pruned in early spring to keep tidy and more compact. Deciduous.
  • Sold in 5" Pot

Customer Reviews

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arrived healthy

The Black Knight Butterfly Bush was pretty small - I guess I was hoping for a larger plant, as it's miniscule compared to its partner.
However, considering that I could not get ANY Black Knight where I live, or even 200 miles away, I was very excited to even get this little guy.
It was completely green, very healthy, and the soil in the pot was still moist!
Here in zone 5, I mulch heavily in the winter - a foot deep covering in leaves and evergreen boughs, so mine usually make it. This winter had many freeze/thaw cycles, so one of them did not.
Thank you for your selection - I was very happy to be able to purchase a Black Knight. It will catch up.